It has been thirteen years since the extermination of the Jedi Order and rise of the Galactic Empire. Many systems accepted the transition of power easily, others did not.  As the Forces of the Empire move outward from Coruscant expanding their dominion of the galaxy they have been met with a growing wave of resistance; small at first but growing and gaining speed before it reaches it's crest. These waves cause a whisper as they meet each other, building in strength, a whisper heard in hushed corners and clandestine meetings… "Rebellion".

Oxxus is a planet where waves like these have gathered strength. A resistance cell has taken up residence in an mining facility years abandoned by the colonists that thinly populate the planet. They have been harrying the caravans that have been moving from Naboo to Enarc since the Imperial blockade of Naboo began suddenly less than a year ago. The resistance has been doing well and stealing or destroying shipments of natural resources assumed to be earmarked to be sent Corewards…but they have caught someone's attention.

Brigadier Rasmus, a black sheep commander within the ISB, has called in favors and is preparing a strike against Oxxus.


Star Wars: Hay In a Needlestack

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