Star Wars: Hay In a Needlestack

The Fall of Oxxus Base

Session 1

Planet Oxxus – Outer rim.  Rolling hills and forest.  No native population.  Colonists lightly populated.

Resistance cell base in old mining operation in side of mountain.  Hangar with 4 fighters (3 headhunters, 1 y-wing), 3 larger ships (Yacht stripped down for shields, armor, 2 Modded YT-1930).

CO – Tennic (Human)
2nd in command – (Male Human) silent
Aralah – Female Arkanian Mechanic
Dax Jannik – Thief Male Zeltron

Alarms go off.  Stormtroopers are cutting through the main gate.  Cleanse (remove) the intel from the scene and escape.  We head to the command room and library to remove the intel.

Announcement: 3 Destroyers dropped into system.  Stormtroopers breach into base.

Quitzzl clones and cleanses the library computer.  Kirt and Dune pack all the loose files and datapads.  Morris uses the Control room to restrict access of the Stormtroopers.

As we fight our way up the stairs, we hear the station guns going off, and impacts on the armor.

We get to the hangar bay, and there are several teams arrayed over the ships.  We clear and prep the YT-1930 ship for take off.  The Arkanian gets taken out by a sniper before she can take off.

We have to choose between 3 rendezvous points to meet up with the rest of the resistance cell. 

We gain a few TIE Fighters chasing us, and narrowly avoid getting shot out of the sky.  The Arkanian arrives in a Y-Wing just before we finish off the last one.

We break into orbit, and make the jump to hyperspace.

We start discussing the fact that this raid was too perfect, and suspect the 2nd in command of treason.


30 XP

Duty: +5 to Dune, Kirt, Quitzl
Triggered: Dune Support

The Fall of Oxxus Base
badgerrogue Dougansf

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