Star Wars: Hay In a Needlestack

Captives and Hutt Deals

Session 4

Enter complex posed as Cleaning Crew as the rally begins.

Rally attendance seems compulsory for humans and near enough.

Kimber was able to execute the swap with the shuttle cleaning crew.  But was unable to wave off the cleaning crew.

Approached the turbolift guarded by storm troopers and Morris was able to use the created pass and allows access and the team heads up.

The pass allows access to both the ship and the bay. We enter the ship and Kimber mixes noxious chemicals and drives the pilots out of the cockpit.

The pilots are quickly knocked by Bob and Phil,  however the commotion calls the guard squads. We were able to convince  them the fumes were bad so only the two storm troopers came aboard while droid attacks Kimber who is trying to 'help it' by shutting up the tattling droid.

We Take out Storm Troopers but the gun fire draws attention of one guard sets.  Morris fails to draw the troopers aboard.

Phil uses a helmet to order the first set aboard with a helmet in hand (damn tentacles) and they are stunned, followed later by the last group.  We then stuff them into the closets.  

We then set the ambush. 

The Governor, Senator, and an Imperial Guardsman board the ship and the Ramp shuts behind them as Brett and shoots Senator.   Phil misses shot but disarms guardsman.  Guardsman stabs Phil,  Kristen shoots for stun and hits Governor. Governor wheels and misses Brett but hits the control opening the ramp. Kimber accelerates as the ship flys off the bay.  The storm troopers valiantly try to jump aboard, and failed as a result Phil, is able to withdraw.  Bob crits Guardsman,  Governor shoots bob but no damage.  Bob then hacks again at guardsman.  Senator gets away a panicked message saying they have been kidnapped.  Phil shoots Governor and stuns him. Kristen stuns Senator, and Brett kills Guardsman, as we fly being chased by Tie Fighters.

As the ties approach Kristen clips one of the two Ties, as Bob shoots but does not hurt second tie.  Brett kills second tie as we attempt to hit Atmo.  Kristen hits Full Throttle as a cruiser scrambles Tie Fighters.  Astro navigates successfully activates after one round of combat where we all shoot like movie storm troopers as we speed off to the Hutt.

We arrive to negotiate the terms of turning over the Senator and Governor with Phil succeeding and gaining a tidy sum of 70k credits.  Gema the Hutt double crosses, having us owe 80k docking fee to his Uncle. He has a favor to reduce the cost, to enter a contest of a sport planet to hunt the imperials that we captured that will be broadcast. 

We refuse the job, and ask for alternative contracts.

Gema the Hutt purchases the debt "interest free" and gives us our ship to head back to the Shadow-port.  Gema the Hutt will contact you with the next job.  We arrive to speak to the star stations captain asking if we would like to work with the imperials to take out Gema. 


Duty –
Morris – Intelligence – Data Pads and Message cylinders – 5
Kimber- Sabotage – 7
Brett – Personal – 0
Kristen- Space Superiority- 5
Phil – Support 4

Captives and Hutt Deals
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