Star Wars: Hay In a Needlestack

Rendezvous at Penumbra

Session 2

Aralah – Female Arkanian (offshoot) Mechanic
Dax Jannik – Thief Male Zeltron
Astromech – R4-M3
Joe – Mechanic Ugnaught
Meckt – human male
Ger – duros male

Exiting Hyperspace, we find a couple other ships.  Confirm they were on assignment from our Rebellion cell.  Meet Kayla.  Both other ships are in bad shape.  Need to find the Muster Point near the rendezvous point.

Location is a short jump away from the end of the Enarc Run (close to Outer Rim).  Closest planetary system isn’t named on charts, most notable is 1 planet with 1.5 moons.

System has a few habitable planets, but uninhabited because of damage done during Mandalorian wars.

Dax works up an inventory while we head for the intact moon.
3 Blaster Carbines
1 Blaster Rifle – Kirt
1 Heavy Blaster Pistol – Kayla
2 Holdout Blasters – 1 Quitzl
5 Frag Grenade - 
5 Stun Grenade - 
1 Vibroaxe – Dune
1 Vibrosword – Morris
1 Ion Blaster
2 Macrobinocular
2 Crash survival kits
2 weeks field rations
2 Thermal Cloaks – 1 Kirt
2 Anti-Vehicle Mines

Scanning the moon shows multiple life and tech signs, but Quitzl realizes that her signals are bouncing around, showing different locations for same objects, and between both moons.

We start searching the moon and find several spots that could work, ruined buildings on high points with good visibility.  Quitzl and Morris triangulate where the sensor interference is coming from.  The location has a false wall hiding the relay system.  Quitzl spots a camera on the comm relay.  She then figures out the frequency to avoid the sensor signal being jammed, and we find the life forms are on the broken side of the other moon.  There are also 2 headhunters incoming.

Dune hails the ships, and we’re told to power down weapons, and follow their vector under escort.  We head through the debris field, held open by repulsors, which leads us to a spaceport.  We are welcomed to Penumbra.  Once we land we are locked down.

We meet the beings from the shuttle (Meckt – human male, Ger – duros male).  Were sent for supplies, laundry, sheets, etc.

Eventually some armed and armored guards arrive, flank the door, and an Umbaran, Manager Locheni, in spacer gear.  He warns us that being from Oxxus has a hefty price on their heads (not a formal bounty).  Other people here may try to cash in on this fact.  This is a Shadowport.  

Segregated into districts: shipyard, maintenance & repair, food, supplies, etc.  We start looking for a place to sell/trade in ship(s).  

2 different stores.
Run by female Devaronian.  No prices on ships.  Ships appear expensive and flashy.
Protocol droid brings us to the owners, who work on the ships.  Jawas and Ugnaughts.  Leebo – Jawa.  YT-1000 and YT-2400 are the key competitors.  All ships here have been modified.  We spot 2 (of 8) systems have been modified, 
Hyperdrive – Upgraded faster, 
Sublight engines – Upgraded efficiency for smaller engine to allow Hyperdrive upgrade
Dorsal – Quad Laser
Torpedo Tube – No Ammo
Sensors – More sensitive, harder to notice that we’re scanning.  Shorter range.
Storage – armor was reduced, then increased, but reduced storage
Shields – work in progress, can be boosted, but angling after boost is difficult.

We trade in our 4 ships for the YT-2400 and something extra.  Leebo brings us to another (secret) hangar with 2 Z-95 Headhunters, 1 Y-Wing, A-Wing.  Just stolen from shipyards at Anoat.  We take the A-Wing.  We end up getting Joe the Ugnaught along with the YT-2400, “Abigail.”

We talk to Locheni about work.  Geema, a Hutt, who wants the Empire to think he’s too much trouble to put him down. So it might be something that has a lot of collateral damage. He is looking to acquire  teams to perform three types of jobs.
Get Lambda shuttle – There are dignitaries doing inspections of a local governor in the Enarc system.  Governor accepted bribes and allowed Imperial rule.  There is military presence, but the Shuttle should not have much guards or escorts.  Star Destroyer is in system, but not at planet.
Assassination (two targets)
Supply run (two targets)

The group decides to take the Lambda Shuttle.
Dune asks Quitzzl to create a tracking device that will also disable the shuttle and find it as necessary.

Holonet reports that the Empire has eliminated a rebellion cell in the Oxxus system.
Morris hits the holonet to find out about the other rendezvous points.

Dax liquidates the trade goods for a few thousand credits.  He and others then go gambling.  Dune reads surface thoughts and finds a Quarren cheating, and reports him to the pit boss.  He resists, and is brought out another door.  In the end, Dax comes out ahead 8550 credits.


XP: 25

Kirt Obsession
Morris Intelligence

Rendezvous at Penumbra
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