Star Wars: Hay In a Needlestack

Heist at Enarc

Session 3

Prepping for meeting with Geema the Hutt about stealing the Lambda shuttle as part of his grand design against the Empire.

Roster to Geema:
Dax – Smuggler and Pilot
Astromech R4-M3

Research on Geema: 
Underworld: He used to pull a good amount of protection money from the Enarc system, preventing pirates from hitting customers.  When the Empire was invited in, Geema was edged out.  He’s second generation.  Uncle Suuba the Hutt is the real reason people are afraid of Geema, and allowed Geema to get his start.  

(Note: keep eye open for anything that his uncle would disapprove of)

Suuba has been in business for over 200 years.  Known as a psychotic by all.

Streetwise: Geema has been leaning heavily on protections, bringing profits to his “project.”  He’s been trying to break the Imperial blockade around Naboo to get some black market lines, but no luck so far.

Shortly after the Empire invite to Enarch, a blockade went up around Naboo.  Rebellion cell on Oxxus was dedicated to harrying the shipments of natural resources from Naboo.

Spend some credits on a gift for Geema (which may be re-gifted to Suuba).  

Education (Current Events):
The Imperials are amassing a force within the Enarch system presumably to enter the outer rim. 
The Brigadier responsible for the Auxis Massacre has received commendation.

We are met by Valsh (Nemoidian) the Major Domo of Geema. He and Dune do the appropriate greetings. Then we are lead to a great hall populated by the usual group of sycophants, mostly opportunistic suck ups with a few combat capabile folks. A decent range of races, although the suck-ups are primarily human and the competent folks are rodian. To the right of the Hutt are a protocol droid and komenian (Cloners). LARGE armored and armed Nautalan and Cathar on the left.

The MAjor domo gives a HUGE ceremonial bow to Geema, and gestures widely and allow me to introduce:
Dune then stands up and introduces us all by name.
He explains that we are here for the job. 

The Major dom asks which job. 
Dune explains we can procure the shuttle.

The protocol droid translates for Geema. “The acquisition of the imperial lambda shuttle from Anark is still available. IF you wish to commit to this job.”

We do

Geema says “We shall insert you into Anark, we will give you the information on where the shuttle will dock, we will give you as much as we know about the complement of guards, where the whole garrison isn’t there, there will be some protection. Especially when the dignitaries come through. The shuttle will be there because Senator Barrak is going through the formality of an inspection of the new governor Malej. This whole meeting is for show, the editication of the common population of Anark. Senator Barrak sold the system he supposedly represents to the Empire. He has been richly compensated for the Imperial control of the Anark System. This new Governor Malej, has traded in his uniform for the robes of a governor. Previously this major was a colonel in the Destab, branch of the imperial intelligence bureau for destabilization (Much like the Gestapo).  

If you can acquire the shuttle along with either or both of the Senator and the Governor, ALIVE, there would be vast bonus. The Shuttle is a primary objective.

I feel they should face Hutt Justice.

The payment for acquiring the shuttle alone is 95k credits. Guests fee will be negotiated at the time of delivery. Ball park, 10s of thousands.”

We agree to take the contract. The Cathar and Nautolan will be the insertion team. If we have difficulty with our insertion on planet, but once we are underway they will return.

We offer him the gift. He takes it gratefully and promises to remember.

We leave and head out towards Anark. We leave Abigail with Geema, and Skith the Cathar and Puah-kaman the Nautolan fly us towards Anark in Armored Transport amongst cargo. 

“We are willing to do some butt kicking if necessary. We are not fond of the empire. For a small percentage between the two of us, we could extend our stay in the Anark system. Two levels, 8% for availability, 15% in case action is required.”

When we get on board the ship we see the “cargo” is full of slaves, 4 Wookies and 16 Gungans. This starts up conversation about how to make sure the slaves are freed. 

Dune pitches a new plan to the insertion team. “If you can get these folks to Arralla at Penumbra, you get 15%. She will take care of them until we get back”
The Insertion team agrees.
Dune then goes to talk to the Slaves and lays out the plan, then starts the recruiting pitch.

The wookies as if there is work on Penumbra.

One of the Gungans, slightly older and scared up, “I am not a civilian. The others are going to need to go somewhere other than Naboo. The planet has been turned into a strip mine. Everything that was good is feeding the Imperial War Effort. They also dig in place where there is nothing of value. They want something on Naboo, if you want to do something against the Empire. Perhaps I can help you. Stop them from finding it, or take it away.

Also, you should know. When the two who are flying this, tried to steal the shipment, there were a great number more of us, but the imperials began executing rather than losing their resources. The two you came on board with, after they finished taking the ship, spaced all the Imperials who survived the boarding.”

Kirt does a once over of all the Slaves to make sure they have been tended to. 

We get through, however, the squadron is going to take some time to get to us. This means, we have a timetable to get off ship. We have a schedule of appearances for the Senator and Governor. The Senator is leaving on the Lamda shuttle and the Governor will be seeing him off.

get off the transport without shooting someone
scout out the shuttle
figure out how to replace the crew

We come in for landing. The insertion crew give us 3 minutes, before they com that the wookies are loose and they need to take off for containment.

We all stim up and decide to head down into the city.

Morris attempts to climb down and set a mark that the rest of us can use to climb down. But he slips and falls a short distance until he falls on a ledge. He seems to be on stable footing and is able to set an anchor for the rest of us.

The rest of the group make it down. All of them slip and fall a bit, except for Quitzzl.
We climb the rest of the way down without noise.

Kirt heals up Morris. 

Morris, Dax and Quitzzl go looking for a laundry to acquire “costumes” for the team. They find one quickly, manned by mostly droids and one human. Dax goes over and distracts the human, while Morris and Quitzzl slip behind the counter, acquire the appropriate garments, and slip out unnoticed by the droids.

We then start to plan to find out things.

Work schedules so we can be in the appropriate places
What kind of clearance do we need to get where we need to be
Acquire clearance cards and reprogram them to get access for ourselves.

Quitzzl and Kirt do some hacking. They discover the following:

The shuttle is in a military bay that doesn’t normally have civilian crews. But because they are making a show of this, there have been cleaning crews assigned. Because the shuttle is just moving people, loading crew is unnecessary.

Cleaning crew gets access to the bay. Reassign the existing crew. 

Morris and Dune procure access cards on the DL from the shadier side of the port. They find an appropriate person to talk to but Dune comes across as a cop. So Dune starts promising to cause problems for the imperials, the guy promises to get us the cards we need at a cost. Dune understands, but expects the man’s best work. They settle on a price of 12k more than we currently have. 

It just so happens to be Imperial payday and because of our research from earlier we know exactly where the payroll is. Speeder is coming with the payroll, a couple of imperial pilots and stormtroopers. 

Dune uses a vibro-axe to bring down the light post. Quitzzl uses a charge to bring down another lamp post behind. Trapping the payroll speeder, the stormtroopers deploy, two to each side. 

Quitzzl tosses in a stun grenade.
Dune uses the vibro-axe to take out one of the stormtroopers on the otherside of the speeder. 
Morris uses a vibro-sword to attack the second trooper with a critical hit and they fall over. 
Kayla shoots another trooper. 
Troopers shoot at Quitzzl causing her to dive for cover. 
Kirt shoots and takes out one of the drivers.
Dax takes the disoriented Trooper.
The driver backs the speeder over the back barricade, but the back gate swings wide.

Kirt shoots and kills the driver.

We grab approximately 20k credits, piece together a complete suit of stormtrooper suit, and two driver suits (no helmets). Then we drive the speeder down the street tossing money out the back. We outdistance the people and set charges to blow it.

We then pay the bodega and obtain access cards. 
We are officially prepared to start the lambda heist.


XP: 30
Morality: 8 conflict, -4 for Dune
Duty: Intelligence 10, Sabotage 8, Personnel 5, Support 6. Sabotage triggered
Obligation: Kirt Obsession down 5. Morris Favor triggered

Heist at Enarc
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